Search, Voter ID Portal, Download, and Card Application for Rajasthan Voter List 2023

The Rajasthan Voter List 2023 is already available at, the official website. You can use the website to search for your Rajasthan Voter ID Card for 2023.

The candidates can check their names on the Rajasthan Voter ID Portal 2023 and then download their cards. Those who haven’t applied for the card yet should do so, and they can check on its progress.

Before the next polls, everyone must check to see if their names are on the list. If they are not, they must fill out an application. Through this post, we’ve told you everything you need to know about the voting list that has already been made public.

List of Voters in Rajasthan, 2023

At the age of eighteen, all citizens are automatically granted the right to vote. Those who are eligible to vote in an election must present a valid photo ID at the polls. People who don’t already have a voter id can apply for one with the click of a button on the website, greatly simplifying the process of creating voter id cards. Applying for a voter ID card is a risk-free, at-home affair.

You need a Voter ID in order to access the names on the Voter ID list. Citizens who are interested in seeing if their names appear on the voter id list can do so by going to the official website

The inhabitants of Rajasthan will be informed that their right to vote has been nullified if their names do not appear on the CEO Rajasthan Voter card List 2023 District Wise. A new and updated voter list is made available annually.

Voters can verify their names are on the roster and print out photo identification at the official website. The voter identification card is available for download on the official website. In this piece, we’ve laid out all you need to know about the voter list, including how to access it electronically and fill out an application.

Voter Registration List 2023

Name Voter List 
State Rajasthan 
Issued by Government of India 
Eligibility 18 years plus 
Beneficiaries Citizens of state 
Objective Avail the right to vote 
Year 2023
Post type Govt News

The purpose of issuing a Voter ID card is to ensure that eligible voters are able to participate in state elections. Voters in Rajasthan may now look for their identities in the district-specific Voter List 2023 that was just made public.

They must submit an application for the same if their name is not on the list. The list and card information is summarised in the table below.

Goals of the Rajasthan Voter ID Portal in 2023

  • The primary goal of the Voter List 2023 at is to make the data easily accessible to individuals via the internet.
  • The voters list provides a comprehensive database of citizen names.
  • Only those who are qualified to vote will appear on the official voter roster.
  • If a citizen believes they should be on the list but are not, they can submit an application electronically.
  • Voting rights can be protected from abuse and exploitation.
  • You may get your voter id card with just one click from the comfort of your own home.

Features of the Rajasthan Voter List, 2023

  • The government has launched the internet platform to make life easier for the populace.
  • Less time is spent commuting to government buildings.
  • Voting in the next elections is only possible if your names appear on the list.
  • The online hub can help you save both time and cash.
  • If only people whose names are entered into the site can vote, corruption is reduced.

2023 District-Specific Rajasthan Voter Registration List

  • The establishment of the Voter Id Portal has brought a convenience to the people of Rajasthan.
  • The citizens can use the portal to see if their names are on the list.
  • They need to apply for a voter ID if they don’t already have one.
  • From the comfort of home, you can quickly and conveniently download the card.
  • The website is available at no cost and at any time.

Eligibility for Voter ID Cards in Rajasthan in 2023

  • Members of the electorate must be legally residing in Rajasthan.
  • Applicants must be over the age of 18.
  • Aadhaar cards are required as proof of identity for all applicants.
  • Non-residents of the state can’t cast a ballot.

Verify Your Name on the Downloadable Rajasthan Voter Card List 2023

  • Go to on your computer or mobile device.
  • Choose Final Electoral Rolls 2023 from the main menu.
  • When directed to a new page, type in your school’s name alongside the captcha.
  • If you want to see the list, click the verify button.
  • Locate the voting station and key in the verification code.
  • The entire list of eligible voters will be displayed for preview.

Find Your Name on the 2023 Voter List for Rajasthan Using Your EPIC Number

  • Go to on your computer or mobile device.
  • Select Search Name by Electoral Rolls from the Citizen Centre drop-down menu.
  • Please complete the on-screen form and then enter the captcha code that appears.
  • Move your mouse to the tab labelled “Search” now.
  • All data linked to voting will be shown on the screen.

Here are the Various Methods to Check Rajasthan Voter Centre List 2023 by District

  • Use your device to go to
  • To get a list of polling places, go to the Citizen Centre section of the homepage.
  • Please fill out the captcha and then enter the name of your school district.
  • After clicking the verify button, the list will display.
  • Verify your polling place by looking at the full list.

Voter List 2023 Downloads Available at

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